Consejo De Administración

Evan Hansen

Evan Hansen, PE, is the executive director of 3D-P. As CEO, Evan is involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, in all the Executive Director to report directly to him. He brings the vision of the Board to the Executive Leadership Team, and ensures that the guidelines of the Board are implemented properly.

Evan was the founding member of Evtech Solutions Ltd., which merged with 3D-P in 2006. Evan 3D-P brings an extensive background in design, integration and implementation of technology in the industry and landfill mining. Evan is an Electrical Engineer, and graduated with honors from the Technical University of Nova Scotia. He is also a student of Applied Science program at the University of Acadia.

His interests include anything related to Linux, motorcycles double cylinder and high-flying catch fly balls.

Brad Rozelle

Brad Rozelle is the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Services and Support. In these roles, Brad is responsible for the daily operation of the company as well as defining and implementing the strategy that uses 3D-P to serve their customers. Brad has over 30 years experience in high overall direction in a variety of roles.

As a patent owner, Brad has assisted in the establishment or management of business in the U.S., China, Germany and France.

Brad’s interests include hiking, skiing and music.


Ron White

Ron White is the President of Technology of 3D-P. Its functions include product management and supervision of the Group Service and Support. Ron brings to 3D-P extensive training in mining field deployments and applications.

Ron has been with 3D-P from the beginning of our work Design and Integration of Intelligent Terminal. Before working with 3D-P, Ron served as Director of Field Service products Caterpillars CAES and Aquila. Empire Machinery also worked in creating and managing your technology department.

Ron has been trained by the Air Force of the United States in electronics and radar systems, and studied business during his college years.

Mal Jones

As Vice President and General Manager of Australia Operations 3D-P, Mal oversees the Australian division of the company and has been responsible for the strong growth of 3D-P in the Asia – Pacific since 2009. With over 30 years experience in the management system and acquisition and control (SCADA) and the communications industry for mission-critical applications, Mal has been working for the past 14 years as a senior communications consultant offering solutions ICT most reliable customers mining, oil and gas. He has served as chief consultant major operators such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Xstrata, Newmont, architecture providing essential documents for the standardization of technologies and project principles.

When not helping customers deploy and benefit from the best technology solutions of the highest order, Mal is an avid musician who enjoys motocross, skiing and surfing.



Bill Wright

Bill serves as vice president of sales and marketing at 3D-P and, like you, is a person engaged in mining and is focused on improving the efficiency, productivity and safety through technology. Bill oversees global sales and marketing effort with a career in sales, marketing and management in the information technology industry that has spanned over 26 years. Having spent the last decade of his career to mining upright design, Bill feels more comfortable in the mine site helping miners to benefit from the enabling technology. BIIL feel a genuine passion for your product, and you are using a query to make improvements to projects and maximize the financial return on technology investment approach.

Bill puts an incredible energy in everything you do, both at work and in your personal life. When not working, Bill believes that snowboarding, fishing, hiking, running, mountain biking, golf or any outdoor activity are the “Wright way to live life.”